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spacer.pngA program for quickly and conveniently searching for new versions of files and deleting old ones. Its main advantages are high speed, no need to install on a computer and the ability to search for video files in XviD format. Thanks to these features, the program becomes an indispensable assistant for those who follow updates and want to optimize their work with files.

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  1. Version history

    This section contains information about all released versions of this program. Users can view information about new versions, their changes and improvements, as well as leave their feedback and suggestions. This section will help users keep up to date with all updates and changes, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of the program

  2. L@zySh4rk.pro

    The section provides an opportunity for users to share their experience of using this program, ask questions and receive answers from other forum participants or program developers. Also in this section, you can leave your suggestions for improving the program and discuss possible errors or problems faced by users

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  3. I have an idea

    The section was created so that users can offer their ideas and suggestions for improving or modifying this program. In this section, you can share your thoughts and suggestions, as well as get feedback from other users and developers

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