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    The help section of the Dokuro program provides users with comprehensive information on how to use all the functions and features of the program. Here you can find detailed instructions on how to install, configure and use the program, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

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    Wake Up & Sleep

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    The help section of the Wake Up & Sleep program is an extensive source of information for users. Here you can find answers to various questions related to the use of the program, its functionality, settings and solving problems that arise

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    Other programs

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    Here you can find useful information about various applications, their functions and capabilities, as well as get tips on using the programs. In addition, here you can ask questions and receive answers from other users, which will help you better understand how to work with the programs you are interested in

    A list of frequently asked questions or FAQ (from the English FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions) is usually used in articles, on websites, in email lists or on online forums. It includes questions that users often ask, such as new members, due to lack of knowledge. The purpose of the FAQ is to provide information on the most common questions or problems. Its format is convenient for systematization of data, and the text consisting of a list of questions and answers to them, despite the name, does not always reflect the real statistics of the questions asked.

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