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Other useful programs and utilities

In the section of our forum, we invite users to familiarize themselves and discuss our various software products and tools that may be useful for users and software developers. We will be happy to provide information about our new and interesting programs, as well as discuss their possibilities and advantages.


  1. News from the development world

    In the section on our forum, we publish current news and events from the world of programming, software development and technology. We try to keep up with all relevant news and provide our users with the latest information. This section will be useful for both novice developers and experienced professionals who want to keep up to date with the latest trends and innovations in their field

  2. Version history

    A section where various versions of the software developed by our team are discussed and analyzed. Here you can find information about how the programs have changed over time, what were the main stages of their development, what problems were solved at each stage and what new features were added. Also in this section, forum participants can share their opinions about certain versions, discuss their pros and cons, as well as give tips and recommendations on using programs. This is an excellent platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge between users of our software.

  3. Discussions of programs and utilities

    This section of the forum offers a discussion of programs and utilities that are not included in the main categories of the forum. Participants can share their experiences using these products, discuss their advantages and disadvantages, as well as ask questions and receive answers from other users. The purpose of this section is to broaden the horizons of forum participants and provide additional information about available software solutions

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